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Pelaburan Unit Amanah Anda / CIMB Unit Trust


Posted by CWA Info on March 4, 2008

The Fund aims to provide investors with medium to long term capital appreciation through investments in securities of Malaysian companies that will benefit from prevailing investment themes and that conform with Shariah principles.

Please take note that CIMB Islamic DALI Equity Theme Fund is open for CASH & KWSP investment.

Lunched : 28 FEB 2008

Price :RM0.25 WOW~!! CHEAP

Starting to Invest :RM1000

Monthly Saving Minimum :RM100

Investment Strategy : The strategy of the Fund will be to invest in sectors that are related to the prevailing domestic and/or global investment themes. In identifying the investment themes, the anager will consider prevailing and potential macro economic factors and trends, social and political developments as well as technological advances that may reveal specific thematic investment opportunities. The Fund’s sector allocation will be actively managed by he Manager who has the option to aggressively overweight preferred sectors to take
advantage of their market outlook. Sector analysis is done through quantitative and
qualitative approaches. In determining the sector allocation and stock selection, the Manager will focus on the following:

• Identify the potential sector(s) in light of the prevailing domestic and/or global
investment themes
• Study impact of the prevailing economic and political conditions
• Select particular sectors based primarily on the growth prospects and valuation of that
sector. The most promising sectors will be chosen according to their rating levels as
per the sector analysis.
• Invest in stocks of Malaysian companies in the chosen sectors based on the stocks’
potential for appreciation relative to the outlook for that sector. However, the Manager
may, at its discretion, overweight or underweight at stock level if it is beneficial to the
. Review sector and stock picks monthly.

Investment timeframe : Recommended five (5) years or more.

Potential Investor : The Fund is suitable for investors who:
– want a Shariah-compliant investment;
– want an investment that participates and benefits from evolving investment trends;
– prefer capital growth over income over a medium to long time period; and
– are willing to accept above average to high risk in their investments.


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