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New Name for CIMB Wealth Advisors Funds

Posted by CWA Info on January 15, 2008

Introduce CIMB New FUND

Islamic Funds

Category Existing Fund Name New Name
Balanced Lifetime Dana Barakah CIMB Islamic Balanced Growth Fund
SBB Dana Al-I�tidal CIMB Islamic Balanced Income Fund
SBB Dana Al-Mizan CIMB Islamic Balanced Fund
Bond Lifetime Dana Fayyad CIMB Islamic Short Term Sukuk Fund
Lifetime Dana Wafiq CIMB Islamic Enhanced Sukuk Fund
SBB Dana Al-Hafiz CIMB Islamic Sukuk Fund
Equity Asia Pacific Adil Fund CIMB Islamic Asia Pacific Equity Fund
Lifetime Dana Mubarak CIMB Islamic Equity Aggressive Fund
SBB Dana Al-Azam CIMB Islamic Small Cap Fund
SBB Dana Al-Faiz CIMB Islamic Micro Cap Fund
SBB Dana Al-Hikmah CIMB Islamic Enhanced Index Fund
SBB Dana Al-Ihsan CIMB Islamic DALI Equity Growth Fund
SBB Dana Al-Ihsan 2 CIMB Islamic DALI Equity Fund
SBB Dana Al-Ikhlas CIMB Islamic Equity Fund

Conventional Funds

Category Existing Fund Name New Name
Balanced Balanced Returns Fund CIMB-Principal Balanced Fund
Income Plus Fund CIMB-Principal Income Plus Balanced Fund
SBB Global Balanced Fund CIMB-Principal Global Balanced Fund
SBB Retirement Balanced Fund CIMB-Principal Balanced Growth Fund
SBB Savings Fund CIMB-Principal Balanced Income Fund
Bond Institutional Bond Fund CIMB-Principal Institutional Bond Fund
Institutional Bond Fund 2 CIMB-Principal Institutional Bond Fund 2
Lifetime Bond Fund CIMB-Principal Bond Fund
Multi-Maturity Income Fund 1 CIMB-Principal Multi-Maturity Income Fund 1
SBB Bond Fund CIMB-Principal Bond Fund 2
SBB Returns Guaranteed Fund Series 1 CIMB-Principal Returns GuaranteedFund Series 1
Strategic Bond Fund CIMB-Principal Strategic Bond Fund
Xcess Income Fund CIMB-Principal Xcess Income Fund
Emerging Asia Fund CIMB-Principal Emerging Asia Fund
Future Goals Fund CIMB-Principal Equity Aggressive Fund 3
Equity Global Titans Fund CIMB-Principal Global Titans Fund
Hidden Treasures Fund CIMB-Principal Small Cap Fund
SBB Asian Equity Fund CIMB-Principal Asian Equity Fund
SBB Composite Index Fund CIMB-Principal KLCI-Linked Fund 2
SBB Crystal Equity Fund CIMB-Principal Equity Growth Fund
SBB Double Growth Fund CIMB-Principal Equity Growth& Income Fund
SBB Emerging Companies Growth Fund CIMB-Principal Small Cap Fund 2
SBB Equity Income Fund CIMB-Principal Equity Income Fund
SBB Global Growth Fund CIMB-Principal Global Growth Fund
SBB HGF Sequel Fund CIMB-Principal Equity Fund 4
SBB High Growth Fund CIMB-Principal Equity Fund 2
SBB Index-Linked Fund CIMB-Principal KLCI-Linked Fund
SBB Premium Capital Fund CIMB-Principal Equity Fund
SBB Sector Rotation Fund CIMB-Principal Equity Aggressive Fund 2
SBB Strategic Equity Fund CIMB-Principal Equity Aggressive Fund 1
SBB Value Fund CIMB-Principal Equity Fund 3
Mixed Asset Global Asset Spectra Fund CIMB-Principal Global AssetSpectra Fund
Money Market SBB Money Market Fund CIMB-Principal Money Market Fund
Xcess Cash Fund CIMB-Principal Xcess Cash Fund
Structured Product Global Income Fund CIMB-Principal Global Income Fund



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