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Blog ni telah di Pindah kan

Posted by CWA Info on July 8, 2008

Salam Semua pengunjung Blog ini.

Saya nak maklumkan bahawa Blog ini akan kurang saya update kerana saya telah membuat

Blog baru dengan nama baru di


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Posted by CWA Info on April 8, 2008

We are glad to inform that Securities Commission has been notified of the increase in the approved fund size for CIMB Islamic DALI Equity Theme Fund and accordingly, with effect from 3 April 2008, the approved fund size for the Fund has been increased to 900 million units.

Kindly disseminate the above information to the agency force.

Thank you for your support ~!!

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Posted by CWA Info on March 13, 2008

Starting on 1 Februari 2008

EPF/KWSP telah menukarkan Rules lama kepada Rules baru.

Jika dulu for join investment using EPF , EPF account 1 kena ada RM55K above

baru layak .

Tetapi Rules baru ini lagi memudahkan dan menggalakkan Ahli EPF utk melabur dalam Unit Amanah 😀  :

1. Mulai 1 Februari 2008, ahli boleh melaburkan simpanan di bawah PPA tidak
melebihi 20% daripada jumlah simpanan yang melebihi Simpanan Asas dalam
Akaun 1.
2. Pelaburan ini boleh dibuat setiap 3 bulan sekali dan jumlah minimum
pelaburan ialah RM1,000.00.
3. Jumlah Simpanan Asas dan contoh pengiraan adalah seperti di “SCHEME EPF”

maka bertindak lah segera~!


Umur 25
Simpanan Dalam Akaun 1 = 20,000
Simpanan Asas = RM 9,000
(20,000 – 9,000) x 20%
= RM2,200

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Posted by CWA Info on March 4, 2008

The Fund aims to provide investors with medium to long term capital appreciation through investments in securities of Malaysian companies that will benefit from prevailing investment themes and that conform with Shariah principles.

Please take note that CIMB Islamic DALI Equity Theme Fund is open for CASH & KWSP investment.

Lunched : 28 FEB 2008

Price :RM0.25 WOW~!! CHEAP

Starting to Invest :RM1000

Monthly Saving Minimum :RM100

Investment Strategy : The strategy of the Fund will be to invest in sectors that are related to the prevailing domestic and/or global investment themes. In identifying the investment themes, the anager will consider prevailing and potential macro economic factors and trends, social and political developments as well as technological advances that may reveal specific thematic investment opportunities. The Fund’s sector allocation will be actively managed by he Manager who has the option to aggressively overweight preferred sectors to take
advantage of their market outlook. Sector analysis is done through quantitative and
qualitative approaches. In determining the sector allocation and stock selection, the Manager will focus on the following:

• Identify the potential sector(s) in light of the prevailing domestic and/or global
investment themes
• Study impact of the prevailing economic and political conditions
• Select particular sectors based primarily on the growth prospects and valuation of that
sector. The most promising sectors will be chosen according to their rating levels as
per the sector analysis.
• Invest in stocks of Malaysian companies in the chosen sectors based on the stocks’
potential for appreciation relative to the outlook for that sector. However, the Manager
may, at its discretion, overweight or underweight at stock level if it is beneficial to the
. Review sector and stock picks monthly.

Investment timeframe : Recommended five (5) years or more.

Potential Investor : The Fund is suitable for investors who:
– want a Shariah-compliant investment;
– want an investment that participates and benefits from evolving investment trends;
– prefer capital growth over income over a medium to long time period; and
– are willing to accept above average to high risk in their investments.

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Great News:- Income Distribution!

Posted by CWA Info on March 4, 2008

CIMB-Principal Equity Growth & Income Fund (formerly known as SBB Double Growth Fund) will declare an income distribution of 8.0 Sen per unit (equivalent to 6.83% of it’s NAV as at 22.02.08) on 13 March 2008.

The fund has previously made an income distribution of 7.0 sen on 15 May 2007. 


CIMB-Principal Equity Growth & Income Fund was launched on 15 May 1991 with an objective to achieve capital appreciation over medium to long term to match KLCI index. The fund invests in all types of investments that have potential for above average growth.   


Have a pleasant day!

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CIMB Dominates Asiamoney Brokers Poll 2007

Posted by CWA Info on January 19, 2008

CIMB group dominates Asiamoney Brokers Poll 2007

KUALA LUMPUR: The CIMB group dominated the recent Asiamoney Brokers Poll 2007, winning Best Overall Research, Best Local Brokerage and Best Overall Sales Services in Malaysia.

It was also named the most improved brokerage in Thailand, second-most improved brokerage in Singapore and third-most improved brokerage in Indonesia, CIMB said in a statement.

CIMB’s stockbroking arm won other accolades – Best Overall Execution, Best Overall Sales Trading and Most Improved Brokerage in Malaysia.

CIMB head of equity research Terence Wong was ranked Overall Best Analyst in the country while his team clinched three awards, including Best Overall Strategy Research.

CIMB Investment Bank Bhd deputy chief executive Charon Wardini Mokhzani said these awards recognised CIMB’s position as a leading equity research and brokerage house in Malaysia and key Asean markets.

“The awards will become even more prominent as it is extremely competitive in these markets and we are up against both global and local houses,” he said.

Meanwhile, CIMB Bank has been named Bank of the Year for Malaysia for the second consecutive year by The Banker, a publication of the Financial Times group of Britain.

The Banker Award rewarded the best commercial banking performance in 143 countries.

CIMB said in a statement the award was a recognition for its significant growth in assets, tier-one capital and net profits.

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New Name for CIMB Wealth Advisors Funds

Posted by CWA Info on January 15, 2008

Introduce CIMB New FUND

Islamic Funds

Category Existing Fund Name New Name
Balanced Lifetime Dana Barakah CIMB Islamic Balanced Growth Fund
SBB Dana Al-I�tidal CIMB Islamic Balanced Income Fund
SBB Dana Al-Mizan CIMB Islamic Balanced Fund
Bond Lifetime Dana Fayyad CIMB Islamic Short Term Sukuk Fund
Lifetime Dana Wafiq CIMB Islamic Enhanced Sukuk Fund
SBB Dana Al-Hafiz CIMB Islamic Sukuk Fund
Equity Asia Pacific Adil Fund CIMB Islamic Asia Pacific Equity Fund
Lifetime Dana Mubarak CIMB Islamic Equity Aggressive Fund
SBB Dana Al-Azam CIMB Islamic Small Cap Fund
SBB Dana Al-Faiz CIMB Islamic Micro Cap Fund
SBB Dana Al-Hikmah CIMB Islamic Enhanced Index Fund
SBB Dana Al-Ihsan CIMB Islamic DALI Equity Growth Fund
SBB Dana Al-Ihsan 2 CIMB Islamic DALI Equity Fund
SBB Dana Al-Ikhlas CIMB Islamic Equity Fund

Conventional Funds

Category Existing Fund Name New Name
Balanced Balanced Returns Fund CIMB-Principal Balanced Fund
Income Plus Fund CIMB-Principal Income Plus Balanced Fund
SBB Global Balanced Fund CIMB-Principal Global Balanced Fund
SBB Retirement Balanced Fund CIMB-Principal Balanced Growth Fund
SBB Savings Fund CIMB-Principal Balanced Income Fund
Bond Institutional Bond Fund CIMB-Principal Institutional Bond Fund
Institutional Bond Fund 2 CIMB-Principal Institutional Bond Fund 2
Lifetime Bond Fund CIMB-Principal Bond Fund
Multi-Maturity Income Fund 1 CIMB-Principal Multi-Maturity Income Fund 1
SBB Bond Fund CIMB-Principal Bond Fund 2
SBB Returns Guaranteed Fund Series 1 CIMB-Principal Returns GuaranteedFund Series 1
Strategic Bond Fund CIMB-Principal Strategic Bond Fund
Xcess Income Fund CIMB-Principal Xcess Income Fund
Emerging Asia Fund CIMB-Principal Emerging Asia Fund
Future Goals Fund CIMB-Principal Equity Aggressive Fund 3
Equity Global Titans Fund CIMB-Principal Global Titans Fund
Hidden Treasures Fund CIMB-Principal Small Cap Fund
SBB Asian Equity Fund CIMB-Principal Asian Equity Fund
SBB Composite Index Fund CIMB-Principal KLCI-Linked Fund 2
SBB Crystal Equity Fund CIMB-Principal Equity Growth Fund
SBB Double Growth Fund CIMB-Principal Equity Growth& Income Fund
SBB Emerging Companies Growth Fund CIMB-Principal Small Cap Fund 2
SBB Equity Income Fund CIMB-Principal Equity Income Fund
SBB Global Growth Fund CIMB-Principal Global Growth Fund
SBB HGF Sequel Fund CIMB-Principal Equity Fund 4
SBB High Growth Fund CIMB-Principal Equity Fund 2
SBB Index-Linked Fund CIMB-Principal KLCI-Linked Fund
SBB Premium Capital Fund CIMB-Principal Equity Fund
SBB Sector Rotation Fund CIMB-Principal Equity Aggressive Fund 2
SBB Strategic Equity Fund CIMB-Principal Equity Aggressive Fund 1
SBB Value Fund CIMB-Principal Equity Fund 3
Mixed Asset Global Asset Spectra Fund CIMB-Principal Global AssetSpectra Fund
Money Market SBB Money Market Fund CIMB-Principal Money Market Fund
Xcess Cash Fund CIMB-Principal Xcess Cash Fund
Structured Product Global Income Fund CIMB-Principal Global Income Fund


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First Posting in WordPress.

Posted by CWA Info on January 15, 2008

Salam , pengunjung cimbUtrustInfo.wordpress lama nak buat wordpress tapi , takde masa

dan jugak tidak mengizinkan.

maka hari ini rasmi, wordpress pilihan aku~!

Pada member CWA yang lain boleh la kita bertukar-tukar LINK ya?

Sharing is Caring maahh~!!

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